Things to Do Before You Start Unpacking In Your New Home

Double-check that you’ve completed the following items before you fully move in.

Although you’re undoubtedly excited to unpack your belongings in your new home, before you start ripping open boxes, take a few moments to consider those housekeeping items that should be completed before you unpack your furniture, clothing, and other items. By taking the time at the beginning of your unpacking process to knock out this checklist, you’ll save yourself from having to move furniture or repack items in the future.

Step 1: Deep Clean

The best way to start your unpacking process is by giving your new home a thorough cleaning; tackle everything from the kitchen, to the bathrooms, to the pantry. Unless the appliances are brand new, you will also want to clean out the refrigerator, oven, microwave, and stove.

Another important place to ensure you wipe off is any shelving in closets, as well as any built-in drawers within your kitchen and bathrooms. This is also the perfect time to line your shelves and cabinets if that was something you were planning on doing.

Don’t forget the outdoor spaces too! Look to sweep out under any built-in grills and clean out the exterior dryer vents to eliminate fire hazards.

Step 2: Clean Your Flooring

Before you start unloading your furniture, consider hiring a professional carpet or tile cleaner. Professional-grade carpet cleaning will remove odors and pet stains and prepare the rooms for your family. On the other hand, professional tile and grout cleaning will remove the dirt and grime that builds up over the years, as well as any staining.

Both carpet and tile cleaning will improve the appearance of your new home and will make it feel fresh and inviting. It makes the most sense to complete floor cleaning before you move in so you don’t have to move your furniture. This will give you the most thorough cleaning possible.

Step 3: Create a Process

Your move will go ten times smoother if you start your unpacking with a system in mind. Experts recommend that you start unpacking your kitchen first, as you will need food and drinks to sustain you during your move. Once the kitchen essentials are unpacked, the bedrooms should come next, as you will need a place to sleep. Unpacking the bedrooms quickly also provides an opportunity for children to become better adjusted to their new home.

Bathroom unpacking should follow, although you hopefully have already set aside a box with your essentials. You can then move onto the fun part - home decor! This will likely be an ongoing process, especially if your new home is larger than your previous one.

While we certainly hope these tips will make your unpacking and moving process that much simpler, for a truly headache-free move, choose Leon Moving LLC. Give us a call today!