Moving to Austin Guide

If you’re considering making the move, but still have questions, this guide is for you.

With over 100 people moving here a day, Austin is clearly a city brimming with popularity! In fact, about 7% of our residents lived someplace else the year prior. So why are so many people moving to the capital of the Lone Star State? For some, the draw of booming tech companies that call this city home is too hard to resist, others are attracted to the moderate climate that’s perfect for outdoor activities, and still more call Austin home because of our buzzing nightlife.

Learn more about this beautiful city and what it has to offer your family below!

Population Statistics

As we mentioned above, Austin continues to grow in popularity and population. As of 2019, Austin had 2,227,083 citizens - an almost 30% increase in size since 2010. The bulk of the population resides in Travis County, followed by Williamson County and Hays County, respectively. The average age of an Austin resident is 37.4 years old and the average annual salary of our residents is $59,136.

Cost of Living

The average home price is $407,400, while the average monthly rent is $1,174. However, these prices can vary depending on the area of town you choose to call home.


As with any major city, downtown Austin does have some of the priciest homes and rentals with an average monthly rental cost of $2,300. But, many people save on car payments as downtown Austin is extremely walkable and has the largest hub of public transportation - including the metro.

Just south of downtown you will find Lady Bird Lake and Zilker Park, which are home to dozens of trails and areas for the entire family to enjoy. Downtown also boasts some of the best restaurants and bars including the famous Rainey Street and Sixth Street.

East Austin

East Austin has more recently become an extension of downtown and is the destination for trendy and diverse neighborhoods. Full of bars, local restaurants, and art galleries, East Austin is the place to live if you enjoy grabbing breakfast every day from a food truck.

While East Austin continues to grow and develop, the rent prices continue to increase, with an average rent of $1,700 a month.

North Austin

For those wanting to be close to downtown, but without the downtown price tag, consider North Austin. North Austin is home to hundreds of neighborhoods - perfect for families of any size - as well as parks, restaurants, and shopping. Unlike other cities, when you live north of downtown in Austin, you still feel like you’re in the city; local and vibrant areas of town are still both walkable and accessible by public transportation.

The average rent in North Austin is $1,500 and there are both homes and apartments for sale or rent.

South Austin

South Austin is a very popular area for both neighborhood residents and those coming to enjoy the activities south of Lady Bird Lake. The most notable section of South Austin is South Congress (SoCo) which is home to several walkable blocks of restaurants, shopping, coffee shops, and art galleries. If the saying “Keep Austin Weird” appeals to you, South Austin is where you will want to be.

The closer you are to Downtown and Lady Bird Lake, the more expensive the real estate will be, with an average rental price of $1,300 a month.

West Austin

The further west you head in Central Texas, the more exposed you will be to the breathtaking landscaping of rolling hills and cliffs carved by the Colorado River. Of course, being so close to the river, you will have lakefront prices, but the area feels like an escape from Austin - even though it’s only minutes away from Downtown.

West Austin is home to the well-known Pennybacker Bridge that crosses the Colorado River as part of the Loop 360 Highway. Because the lanes are reduced to cross the bridge, and people tend to slow down to look out their windows, be prepared for delays - no matter the time of day.


No matter what neighborhood or area of Austin you choose to call home, you will get to enjoy relatively warm weather year-round. Many Austinites would state that we don’t actually experience four seasons, as it doesn’t snow here and rarely freezes. Because of this, expect extended summers and shortened winters.

If you prefer a more varied climate, don’t cross Austin off your list just yet! One of the best parts about living in such a large state is that you don’t have to leave Texas to experience other climates. Want the beach? Head down south. Looking for some cold weather? Head up north to Dallas or beyond. 

Is Austin the right city for you and your family? If so, we’d be happy to take care of any of your moving needs. At Leon Moving LLC, we can move you across town. Give us a call today and learn what makes Leon Moving LLC the top moving service in the Austin area.