How to Pack for a Move

Moving can be a stressful time, and even more so if you haven’t planned your packing strategy.

Even if you don’t think you have a lot of belongings, you will be surprised at how much has accumulated in your home over the years. To ensure that your move goes smoothly, that you don’t forget anything, and that your belongings arrive safely, follow our packing tips below.

1. Pre-Move Organization

Before you start taping off boxes, take some time to get organized. Go through all your belongings and determine what you’re keeping, giving away, or throwing out. Comb through items both small and large - paying special attention to things with expiration dates, clothing that no longer fits, or any item that’s no longer in optimal condition. You don’t want to spend time packing up anything that you’ll end up getting rid of shortly after the move.

2. Decide What You Won’t Pack

Although you’ll likely want to box up 95% of your belongings, there will be items that need to stay out of boxes (besides your furniture pieces). Things like foodstuffs for the move, cleaning supplies for cleaning your new and old places, and anything you’d rather move yourself should all be left alone in a specific area. Designate a space for these items and make sure all parties know not to pack them up.

3. Keep Rooms Together

While you may want to maximize your box space by packing items of similar sizes, you’ll save yourself a lot of time unloading if you organize your boxes based on the room the items belong in. For example, if you have kitchen spices mixed with toiletries you will have to go back and forth unloading between your kitchen and bathroom. Instead, separate items during the packing process to make unpacking that much smoother.

4. Packing Fragiles

Obviously, you’ll want to pack fragile items with care. However, instead of purchasing special packing paper, consider using items you needed to bring anyway as your packaging material. Towels can be great packing material for your dishes and knick-knacks. You were probably going to wash those items anyway after being in boxes, so might as well get some extra use out of them in the process.

5. Use Your Drawers

If you plan on bringing a furniture piece with drawers, instead of emptying the drawers and packing those items separately. Sturdy, yet not damaging, painters tape will prevent you from needless packing. This trick is especially handy if you were planning on keeping those contents in the drawers anyway! Of course, if you do have breakables in the drawers, it may be best to pack them normally. For clothing or other soft items however, this is a great solution.

While we certainly hope the above tips have been helpful in planning your packing process for your move, sometimes packing can still be too overwhelming. However, with Leon Moving LLC there’s no need to stress about your packing or move! Contact Leon Moving LLC for our professional packing and moving services today to save time and prevent stress.